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Canyon Creek Little League
2018 Majors Home Run Club
Managers should send in the details of any legitimate home runs to Amy Major
Include name of player, what field, date, team name, any other pertinent info (walk off, grand slam, etc.).  
For fields without fences, please include only legitimate home runs.  No singles +3 base errors!
   to submit information.




Date Name (First and Last) Team Name Field Location HR # Comments
02/24/18 Jack Schlicher Expos Twin Creeks 1

Game winning 3 run home run

03/08/18 Jack Schlicher Expos Memorial Park 2 Solo home run
04/21/18 Matthew Schlicher Expos Memorial Park 1 Lead off solo home run
04/22/18 Brayden Gijbels Expos Memorial Park 1 Solo home run
05/02/18 Jack Schlicher Expos Memorial Park 3 Walk Off 2 run home run
05/13/18 Jack Schlicher Expos Memorial Park 4 3 run home run
05/21/18 Jayden Rouse Astros Twin Creeks 1 2 run home run